Your motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of kit you’ll ever own. So we’ve pulled together some tips to help kick-start your cleaning regime.
Every day
It may sound like a chore, but cleaning your motorcycle helmet every day is hugely important – especially your visor. A clean, good quality visor is essential equipment for the motorcyclist. If it becomes soiled with dead flies or dirt, then like getting something caught in your eye your vision will become impaired. After every ride, wet some paper towels and leave them on your visor for a few minutes, then simply wipe off.  If your visor becomes scratched you should replace it immediately, as a scratched visor can cause dazzle from vehicle headlights.
Every week
Modern motorcycle helmets come packed with vents and intakes, which will only work if kept open and clean. Spend a few minutes each week cleaning the vents, using a toothbrush or cotton bud to ensure they’re free of obstructions.
Every month
Most motorcycle helmets have removable linings or cheek pads. These pads often have different washing instructions, so check the manufacturer’s guidelines before cleaning.
Every six months
Over the months your motorcycle helmet can collect sweat, skin and other human debris. Twice a year you should thoroughly clean the helmet interior, including wiping any non-removable pads with a damp cloth, before leaving to dry naturally.