The SHARP 2025 project aims to review and upgrade the current test and rating protocols of the SHARP scheme.

What is the purpose of the SHARP 2025 Project?

Since the SHARP scheme was launched, there has been new knowledge and understanding of the factors involved in motorcyclist injuries, including a focus on the risks associated with rotational forces experienced during real-world helmet impacts. This has led to important changes for several international motorcycle helmet test and assessment standards and regulations. To ensure the SHARP scheme remains up to date, the DfT is carrying out a research project to review and upgrade the current test and rating protocols of the scheme. To support these activities, the TRL is engaging with key stakeholders and involving them in the SHARP 2025 project and the development of the future scheme.

What is TRL’s Role in the SHARP 2025 Project?

TRL, on behalf of the DfT, will collect, review, and critically evaluate the available scientific evidence with a view to recommending updates for the SHARP scheme. TRL will also engage with stakeholders to establish viewpoints and ideas, share evidence and experiences, and gather feedback to shape the short- and longer-term objectives of the SHARP scheme. Based on the analysis of this input, TRL will recommend updates for the SHARP test and rating protocols and for the ways DfT engage with stakeholders regarding the scheme in the future.

SHARP 2025 Project Approach

Work Package 1: Evidence Review

Using its extensive collection of literature, TRL will review and critically appraise the scientific evidence base relating to motorcycle helmet safety, head injury criteria, relevant national and in-depth motorcyclist collision data and international motorcycle helmet test and assessment protocols. A gap analysis will then be performed to identify, evidence and recommend possible amendments for the enhanced SHARP test and rating protocols.

Work Package 2: Stakeholder Engagement

TRL will engage with key stakeholders to seek feedback on, and solicit support for, the enhanced SHARP 2025 scheme using learnings from the stakeholder engagement work on the SHARP market analysis project which delivered successful outcomes. It is expected that project outcomes will be delivered to key stakeholders through a webinar.

Work Package 3: SHARP Protocols Updates

Enhanced SHARP protocol amendments will be drafted based on the evidence review, gap analysis and stakeholder engagement outcomes. The proposed amendments will be peer-reviewed by international technical experts and key stakeholders, including relevant DfT stakeholders, before finalising the protocols.

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