SHARP is the only assessment of helmet performance that results in a safety rating.
Once a helmet has been subjected to our rigorous testing process, we award it a SHARP rating of between 1 and 5 stars.
A 5-star helmet offers good levels of protection right around the helmet. That’s not to say a lower rated helmet won’t protect you. Regardless of its SHARP rating, every helmet on sale in the UK must meet at least one regulatory standard, ensuring it offers at least a minimum level of protection.
Our tests have shown that not all helmets offer the same level of impact protection. Individually, we can all judge the price, extra features and build quality of a helmet. SHARP offers you independent advice on that often hidden property of a motorcycle helmet - how well it can protect you in the event of a crash.
During testing we’ve found differences in performance of as much as 70% between high and low scoring helmets. That’s why the SHARP scheme is so important. Our independent advice can help to ensure you choose a helmet that offers the best protection possible.
Remember, fit comes first. The secret is finding several helmets that fit you best, and then selecting the helmet with the highest SHARP rating.

How the tests are done