A good quality visor is essential equipment for the motorcyclist. It is important that you look after it so as to maintain good vision in all weather and lighting conditions. Your visor will often become soiled with dead flies, bugs and road debris even after short distances, and as a result will need regular cleaning. It is important that this should be done with care so you avoid damaging the front surface of the visor. A scratched visor can cause dazzle from oncoming vehicle headlights.
If yours becomes scratched, get it replaced!
You should also make sure that when you go out to ride, you have the correct visor fitted for the conditions. Visors with heavy tints can be dangerous, both for you and other road users. Visors that transmit less than 50% of visible light do not fully comply with any of the standards and cannot legally be used on the road.
For more information on the legal and technical aspects of visor and goggle use, visit the DfT website at: