pdated guidance  

The Dept for Transport has updated guidance to assist councils in deciding whether to allow motorcycles into some bus lanes. Motorcycles do not have an automatic right to use bus lanes. There must be clear signs in advance of and at the entry point to a bus lane to indicate whether motorcycles can join and use the whole length of the bus lane.

Having reviewed the various criteria for safe use of bus lanes by motorbikes and pushbikes, councils will need to display new signs on those roads where there is a change in permitted road use. Riders should look for a blue sign showing a bus, a pedal cycle and a motorcycle.

In the changes to the guidance in the new Traffic Advisory Leaflet 1/24 issued in January 2024, councils are encouraged to support appropriate shared use of with-flow bus lanes as part of the Government’s policy to promote ‘smoother journeys’ in its plan for drivers.

More information about the guidance and criteria for selecting bus lanes which can be used by motorcyclist, please read TAL1/24.